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Abandoned by the rest of my family to look after the Spanish exchange student we are hosting and we are sitting in silence in the kitchen watching pizzas cook. I ran out of pleasant small talk after the first 15 mins. I’m impressed I lasted that long to be honest.

It’s a little worrying how genuinely fed up the teenwolf fandom is at this point, like season 4 needs to pretty increbible in order to bring their views back up. i’m going away next week and won’t be able to watch the episode until friday at the earliest and I’m not really that bothered, which is a really bad sign. i’ve been known to get up 2 hours early to watch new episodes of tv shows before going in to college.

just a couple of quick questions for the teen wolf people

  • why no funeral for Allison?

seriously, she was a main character for three seasons and they are all acting like her death was years ago and they’ve had time to adjust. are they all in shock or something and just haven’t dealt with what’s happened to them recently?

  • where the hell is Danny?

that whole reveal at the end on 3b with him knowing about werewolves you’d think there would be a little follow-up involved not a complete disappearance on dannys part. did Keahu finally get fed up and leave or does Jeff think that by throwing new characters at us that we won’t realise he’s missing. Everybody loves Danny, characters and fans alike, it’s sort of obvious when he’s not there.

  • is there ever going to be further explanation or solidification of the canon lore regarding supernatural creatures?

we have werewolves, kitsune, nogitsune, were-jaguars, were-coyotes, kanima, darach, druids and bean sí to name a few. they’re creatures from several different cultures and so far as explanation we’ve got “werewolves exist, so could anything else”. where do they come from? why do they exist? any kind of history or origin?